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4 November 2009

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Easy to use and completely FREE, Coollector innovates with an exceptional combination of features; personalized movie encyclopedia, database of existing videos, collection organizer and best price finder.

Pros: This application, the Coollector, is a movie encyclopedia and a database of existing videos. When the program is downloaded, it is not a empty database that you start building up. The complete encyclopedia is downloaded right away.

The encyclopedia is organized as a two page entry for each page. First page on the left has the movie related data and then the other page on the right has data about persons involved. The application let you rate a movie and also the persons/actors. This includes not only the videos one owns but any movies you might have seen. The data base is completely searchable textually.

The collection lets you order videos. That includes facility for finding the best prices as well as maintaining a wish list as with most shopping applications.

You can maintain an inventory of videos you own, with facilities to track items loaned out to friends. Thus this is a one stop solution for everything about movies/videos you are interested in. Information about movies, ratings for the ones you have seen, what videos you own and who has them as also the wish list of movies/videos you want to own.

The user interaction is simple, mostly through the arrow keys on the standard keyboard. For searching anything one just has to start to type the word/ words he wants to search. Information presentation is very well organized and relevant.

Cons: It would have been very nice if the ratings were based on cumulative ratings of a large number of users.

Overall a definite 5 star application.

Publisher's description

Track the videos you own + the movies you've seen + discover new movies you'll like.
Easy to use and completely FREE, Coollector Movie Database is a unique type of program that's useful even for the movie lovers who don't own many videos.
Yes, you can manage your video collection, with lots of details. But you can also remember all the movies you've seen, how much you liked them, the movies you wish to see, etc... Discovering new movies of interest is as simple as going to your favorite actors/directors, inspecting their movies you haven't seen, and using our rating and fame meters to know if those movies are good or bad, popular or obscure.
Coollector Movie Database is much fun to use, because you don't start with some dull empty database. On the contrary, the program includes a huge encyclopedia of movies & series, combined with a database of existing videos. You download... you have all that ! Now, all that remains for you to do, is to personalize that data, by rating the movies and persons, marking the videos you own, those you loaned, etc...
NEW! You can now associate video files with a movie, launch a video file by clicking the "play" icon, and even scan a folder to automatically associate all the video files in it.
Version 2.60
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